– Register on the portal before taking the vaccine

New Delhi, DDC. Collective corona vaccination began in India from 1 March 2021. The vaccine dose is 250 hundred rupees. The vaccine will be installed in government and private hospitals. You must register online before taking the vaccine

Register here
The Central Ministry of Health said that any eligible person can apply the vaccine from anywhere. The vaccine will be installed from nine in the morning to three in the afternoon. You can get a question on Co-WIN’s website cowin.gov.in

Booking of second dose on 29th day
The beneficiary taking the first dose will register on the same portal for the second dose on the 29th day of taking the first dose. If a beneficiary cancels the registration of the first dose, the registration of both his doses will be done. Because 28 days between the first dose and the second dose Difference is mandatory.

Choose your day, time and your date
The Ministry stated that a beneficiary can book a time at any time for each dose. The day the registration opens, An appointment can be taken till three in the afternoon on that day. For example, on March 1, there will be registration between nine in the morning and three in the afternoon for vaccination. Any person can take an appointment for any time during this time. although, Booking can also be made for a further date on 1 March.

These people will be eligible for vaccination
According to the ministry, if 60 years or whose age is going to be 60 years on 1 January 2022, he will also be eligible to be vaccinated. Similarly, suffering from any of the 20 types of serious diseases and from 45 to 59 years or first January 2022 The person being vaccinated will also be eligible for vaccination

Priority to 20 patients with critical illness
A new feature has been added on the digital platform Co-Win 2.0 specifically designed for corona vaccination, In which detailed information about 20 serious diseases is given. Apart from this, health workers of private hospitals have also been trained to treat the adverse effects seen in the beneficiaries after vaccination

150 hundred vaccine, 100 rupees service charge
The ministry said that any person can get vaccinated at any center. Government hospitals will get free vaccine, Private hospitals will have to pay Rs 250 for each dose. It can get 150 rupees for vaccine and 100 rupees for registration. He will also be vaccinated immediately if the slot is empty



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